Absperrband extrem reißfest

Barrier tape with warning print

  • Extremely tear-resistant, printed red/white on both sides
  • With one-sided, 1-color text imprint in black continuous
  • Packed in sturdy, neutral unwind carton
  • Monoaxially stretched, thickness: approx. 30 μ
  • Other texts on request

Description for Barrier tape with warning print

Our barrier tape, which is also colloquially called flutter tape, is used in the version "EXTREMELY TORN" wherever a very high tear strength and good warning effect is required and is therefore perfectly suited for blocking, warning, securing or marking of hazardous areas and things that are protected or to which you want to draw attention.

This warning tape has a thickness of approx. 35µ and consists of a monoaxially stretched LD-PE film. Through this stretching process, the barrier tape achieves an extremely high stability and tear resistance in the longitudinal direction. It is standardly printed red/white on both sides and available in different lengths of 500m, 250m and 100m. Other hatch arrangements or colors are also available upon request.

The film is made of groundwater-neutral LD-PE and is printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks. Thus, this barrier tape is 100% recyclable and can be recycled sustainably.

This flutter tape is very tear-resistant and can be separated with an object such as scissors or a knife. The light resistance is as with all our barrier tapes with a value of 5-6 very high and despite thus also longer sunlight, as well as resistance to the most diverse weather influences.

You set here on a barrier tape "Made in Germany" with the positive attributes, such as very high tear stability, good warning effect, environmentally friendly and durability.

500 m
80 mm
30 µ
Packaging unit
dispenser box with unwinding device
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Barrier tape with warning print
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Our barrier tapes in comparison

In addition to the wide range of colors and possible prints, there are significant differences in the material and intended use of our barrier tapes. To make it easier for you to choose the right barrier tape, we would like to show a direct comparison of barrier tapes below.