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traffic cone "fully reflective"

  • BAST tested
  • Foil RA1, weight class II
  • Other designs or weight classes available on request
  • Fully reflective according to StVO

Description for traffic cone "fully reflective"

Our traffic cones, which are also called traffic guidance cones or pylons, are primarily used for short-term warning and safeguarding of work, emergency and accident sites in public road traffic and serve to visually guide road users. In addition to their use in road traffic, our traffic cones are also used in sports and leisure applications, such as for pylon lanes in motor sports or guidance systems at events.

Traffic cones are made of flexible plastic in various sizes and have an eye-catching color scheme. To improve nighttime visibility, the surface can also be designed to be retroreflective. Depending on the area of application, a certain reflection class can be prescribed. Especially in public areas or in road traffic, traffic cones must be selected in accordance with the road traffic regulations, which you can of course also obtain from us.

Our traffic cones are easily transportable, stackable and largely harmless in the event of a collision, as they can usually be driven over almost without danger.

traffic cone "fully reflective"
is available in following versions

SKU Packaging unit Weight Height BASt-Prüf-Nr.
90003 10 2,2 kg 50 cm 95 3 FO 1

SKU: 90003, Packaging unit: 10 , Weight: 2,2 kg, Height: 50 cm, BASt-Prüf-Nr.: 95 3 FO 1

90007 keine 4,2 kg 75 cm 95 3 SO 2

SKU: 90007, Packaging unit: keine , Weight: 4,2 kg, Height: 75 cm, BASt-Prüf-Nr.: 95 3 SO 2

90050 keine 2,9 kg 510 cm 02 3F 03

SKU: 90050, Packaging unit: keine , Weight: 2,9 kg, Height: 510 cm, BASt-Prüf-Nr.: 02 3F 03

90075 keine 5,2 kg 76 cm 02 3S 03

SKU: 90075, Packaging unit: keine , Weight: 5,2 kg, Height: 76 cm, BASt-Prüf-Nr.: 02 3S 03

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